Lakisa Muhammad

Midwives Rising! is proud to have Lakisa on the team! Lakisa was one of two awardees to obtain a scholarship for midwifery training from The Phoenix Birth Foundation.


Motivated by a passion to help pregnant families experience safe and healthy births, Lakisa Muhammad serves the community as a Lamaze International childbirth educator, DONA certified doula, and a student midwife with the Phoenix Birth Foundation. Using her knowledge and training, she works to address and debunk myths and misconceptions, replacing them with facts and timeless traditions that lead to better decision making and better outcomes for birthing families. Lakisa becomes your cheerleader, a well of information, a gentle reminder, and a competent, trusted member of your birth team. She is there to also support and offer suggestions to grandmas, aunties, cousins, and besties. 

When she's not teaching or at a birth, Lakisa enjoys spending time with her husband Dewayne and their 3 children Amir, Yasina, and Hassana, and the family furbaby Myra. Lakisa is on a quest to see the world, so travel is a must. She also has a not so secret affinity for reality tv!


Families working with Lakisa may select one additional and complimentary (free) service. 
Belly cast
Comfort measures class
Placenta encapsulation
One baby-prep home visit

Presently, we offer a package fee discount for those who are not able to pay our normal fee.  Clients will have a midwifery student assigned to them and the student will be under the direct supervision of a qualified midwife. In essence, the client receives the attention of two devoted and dedicated providers!

* Private Insurance will be billed if available
* Geographic restrictions may apply
* Schedule may be limited

If you would like to work with student midwife Lakisa Muhammad, let us know and we will make that happen!