Welcome to Midwives Rising

Whether we are attending birth at homebirth center  or  hospital, we pride ourselves on providing a unique combination of clinical professionalism and down-to-earth accessibility.

This has resulted in an impeccable safety record, a c-section rate under 3% and a heartwarming level of client satisfaction. 

We think that mothers and babies deserve no less than this, no less than to be treated as royalty. 

If you think so too, give us a call and let us know how we can be of service.

Shell, Rachel & Danielle
Midwives Rising!
Phoenix, Arizona
Monday-Sunday by special appointment

We must be the ones to lift each other up.
— Midwives Rising!~ Arizona
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The Midwives

Danielle, Shell and Rachel

We work together in a team atmosphere, combining our expertise and energy to provide our clientele with the care and attention of three highly skilled and dedicated midwives. Three midwives, completely dedicated to being the best servants possible. 

Shell, Rachel & Danielle are fairy godmothers! They fulfilled needs we didn’t even know we had.
— Mariana

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Our Prenatal Clinic

We want our space to feel like an enchanting sanctuary, a precious suite within a magical castle, a place where we can come together in health, love and beauty.

From our extensive lending library, to teaching supplies and natural remedies, we have everything needed to support a healthy pregnancy...

More important than our physical space is the heart that we put into it! We would love to have you visit.
— Midwives Rising, Phoenix Arizona


Home Birth

Home Birth is an important choice that requires access to truthful information, evidence based options and education.

We happily provide all of these and more. During pregnancy and birth, we support women so they can feel fully prepared for home birth.

Whatever she desires, her wish is our command.
— Midwives Rising, Arizona

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The Phoenix Birth Center

Midwives Rising is proud to be the Staff Midwives at The Phoenix Birth Center!

Our birth center is a beautiful home-away-from-home situated in a unique, 100 year old, Territorial style home in Central Phoenix, specifically appointed to support natural birth.

We offer tours by special appointment and are sure that our visitors will love it just as much as we do. 

From the moment I walked in I could feel that this space was created to honor and support women during their journey to motherhood. It felt so peaceful and calm, the perfect serenity I desire to have during labor.
— Leslie


Hospital Birth

Every woman deserves the unique and special care that Midwives Rising offers. That is why we have created several packages specifically to care for hospital birth families.

Those who are planning a hospital birth can have the same thoughtful and thorough care that we provide to our home birth families. 

We want you to feel safe, informed and treasured.
— Midwives Rising! Arizona


Midwife Services

With attention to women's  holistic needs, our menu offers more than 75 meaningful treatments, therapies, classes and celebrations to support pregnancy, birth, postpartum, motherhood and all stages of a woman's life.

During the complementary Maternity Planning Session we will assist in the design and coordination of the menu offerings to create the perfect package for home birth, birth center and hospital births.

Working with Midwives Rising is like having concierge service at your fingertips, 24hrs a day, every day.
— Sarah



I want a home birth but what if my partner is skeptical?
We would be happy to speak with your partner, or other family member, about your birth options. Usually they just want to know if it is affordable and that we have guidelines in place to cover emergencies. It is, and we do.

What is the price range?
$500 - $8,500
The exact cost and payment schedule will be thoroughly explained during the complimentary Maternity Planning Session. Final fee depends on the package selection and the method of payment. Payment accepted: We accept HSA, cash, check, credit card and insurance (when available) for payment. 

What is your philosophy about birth?
We could talk for days about the importance of clinical standards, birth rights, birth as a natural process and the overriding importance of the mother's philosophy. But since they are all encompassed by this one simple statement, we would rather put it this way:

Every baby is the child of a queen and has the potential to be the brightest light the world has ever seen.
— Midwives Rising! Arziona

We are serious! We truly believe that mothers and babies should be treated as if the world depends on them. Because it does! This isn't just a thought. It is a thought but it is much more than that; It is the guiding philosophy of our practice. It shapes our every policy and guideline for the use and implementation every test, procedure, therapy and class that we offer.

More at: Frequently Asked Questions


Our Ladies

Our ladies come from all walks of life and all backgrounds! Whatever their title, whatever their crown, we love each and every one of them and are honored to be their servants. 

Their tiaras may be a little crooked, but thats okay, so are ours. Thats what happens when you spend your time looking up at the stars.
— Midwives Rising!



Midwives Rising!
Monday - Sunday by special appointment
531 E. Lynwood st. Phoenix, AZ 85004
P: 602-513-9794

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Well, now that we have seen each other,” said the unicorn, “if you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you.
— Lewis Carroll