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Midwives Rising!

Home Birth Midwife Care

For the families of Arizona

115 W. McDowell Rd Suite 4B

Phoenix, AZ 85003


Dearest You,
We think that you would just absolutely love it here! It’s probably not at all what you imagined pregnancy care to be like! At Midwives Rising! it is joyful, comfortable, and almost like a vacation! We really want you to feel welcomed and well cared for. 

Here are just a few of our amenities  

 Licensed & Certified
 Holistic prenatal care
 Laboratory testing
 Holistic home birth care
 Referrals when needed
 Preparation for childbirth

 Home visits are available by request
 Placenta Crafting by request
 Belly Casting by request
 Handcrafted herbs and pregnancy tea
 Help with nesting by request

 Low C-Section Rate
 A Safe Transport Rate

Community Oriented
 Celebrations of love & life

You should consider joining us, the weather is just about perfect and the waters are clear!

Truly Yours,
Midwife Shell 

Midwives Rising seeks to provide what we think is the best that home birth midwife care has to offer; continuity of care, individualized attention, comprehensive clinical skill, heartfelt partnership with our clients and holistic attention to body~mind~soul. We offer loads of classes, events, and community gatherings right here in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Prenatal and birth care does not need to be cold and sterile in order to be comprehensive. In fact, studies indicate that what moms need most is companionship and access to healthy resources. We happily provide both! Our setting has a very family orientated feel to it and this goes a long way towards creating the perfect setting for pregnancy health. This proves out in our extremely low C-section rate.

  • We provide prenatal care including lab work and referrals. 
  • Through Midwives Rising you will have access to childbirth education, lactation support, natural remedies for pregnancy discomforts and 24 hour on-call service
  • We offer group-prenatals as well as private prenatal appointments
  • Though we are "out-of-network" we can connect you with our insurance biller to handle your insurance situation
  • Our fee is arranged in manageable payments
  • For those who are interested, we integrate: herbal teas, water therapy, positive touch, and hypnotherapy into our home birth midwifery practice
  • We also offer belly casting and all forms of placenta therapy- Placenta encapsulation, placenta prints, placenta preservation, placenta broth, placenta chocolate and placenta crafting classes
  • We are clinically available to our clients every hour and every day of the year
  • We prefer to limit our schedule to 2-3 or less births per month
  • If you are interviewing midwives, give us a call, we would love to spend some time with you

Switching Care Providers During Pregnancy

At no point in your pregnancy or even during labor, are you obligated to continue in a patient/provider relationship. You have the legal right to end such relationships at any time.

Perhaps you have been reading, taking classes or talking with other home birth families.  Perhaps you are beginning to wonder if a hospital or birth center can truly meet your birth needs.

Perhaps you are wondering how to switch gears to create a birth that is in alignment with who you are and with what you desire.

Easy, switch to home birth!
1. Find your midwife
2. Hire her
3. Let the journey begin!

Why Choose Home Birth?

 Greater physical comfort for natural birth

 Lower C-Section rates

 Less injuries to mothers and babies

 Greater family participation and bonding

 Self-designed birth plan

 Unrestricted access to your baby

 Respect for your choices, body, baby, birth

Midwives Rising!

Midwives Doing (to Be is to Do, or something like that)
If you would like to know what we will be doing in regards to your care and your birth, all you need to do is ask yourself what it is you want and need, and once you've figured that out, say the word.  If you don't know what that is, we will help you. I suppose we could tell you all of the usual stuff about taking your blood pressure and pulse, and listening to your baby's heartbeat, but do we really need to? That is standard protocol for midwives, and can be found all over the Internet, and in every pregnancy book under the sun. If you do not know what you need or want, we will take care of you.  So let's talk about other things. We've got to go deeper. What we are doing is caring for you as a whole person. Tell us about your life. Tell us your stories. We're listening. We are growing with you. We are living in the real world, just like you are, and we don't expect perfection. We are providing a listening ear, and a fresh perspective. What we are not doing is trying to save you. Not because we don't care, but because we care so much, and trust you so deeply, that we know you will be much stronger and happier in the long run if you come up with your own solution. We are celebrating your joys, and laughing at your jokes. We are attending your baby showers because we want to know you, and your friends and family as well. We are working hard to make our new birth center a home away from home. We are offering free blood draws to mamas who are willing to donate their breast milk to mamas who don't have enough, for whatever reason. It's a service we hope you don't ever need, but want it to be available if you do. We are reading books, and listening to music, and writing poetry, and doing lots of beautiful things that have nothing to do with midwifery, because we know that feeding our souls better enables us to feed yours. We'd love to be able to be everywhere at once, and all things to all people, but since that isn't possible, we sometimes divide and conquer. We love and make use of our differing strengths and gifts, and we will celebrate yours, too. We are getting out in the community, to see where we can be of service. We are making it a point to stay up to date with the latest birth research, while also remembering that in birth, not a lot changes over time. We are mapping our lives, and then taking a lot of detours. Oftentimes, the detours are the best part of the plan. We are talking to each other about how to best serve you after we have said we are not going to talk about business anymore for the day. We are sending each other text messages on the way to work to ask if we should pick up coffee (the answer is always yes). If you ask me what I'm doing, I will tell you the truth, no matter what that truth may be. We are not doing midwifery, we are being midwives. Everyone is here for a reason, everyone has something to contribute, and being midwives is our contribution.  Well into the night, we are wide awake, watching you bring your babies into the world. We know that lost sleep is a small price to pay for the sacredness we're witnessing. When we are at a birth, that family is all there is in the world to us. We are doing small things with great love. What else needs to be done? We are giving thanks for being on this beautiful planet, doing this beautiful work. We simply cannot imagine doing anything else.

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