Midwives Rising!


  • Reliable 
  • Responsible
  • Respectful
  • C-Section rate under 3%
  • Impeccable safety record
  • Friend to women
  • Protector of babies


The evidence is clear: to create the over-all best outcomes, women need both smart and wise maternity care. This is exactly what we strive to provide. 

Aside from this unique blending of science and art, an additional element that makes our midwife practice unique is that we work together in a team atmosphere, combining our expertise, energy and talents. Clients are not assigned to a particular midwife, but rather receive the care and attention of three highly skilled and dedicated midwives. 

We want the women we serve to feel like they are a part of our family. Not every woman may need that and some may need more than others, but when a woman knows she has other women who are there for her, truly and deeply there for her, should she need them or not, it provides her with a layer of security that helps her to relax so that she can get on with the important business of making, having or rearing a baby. 

Providing this sense of family with comprehensive clinical care has created a solid foundation for us to practice holistic, centric, style midwifery and it is a very beautiful thing.

Being a part of the Midwives Rising Family means that we may come to your baby shower, birthday party or wedding. It means that you may call us when you are facing life issues and you have nowhere else to turn. It means that we don’t put on airs to impress you. It means we eat, laugh, love and cry with each other. It means that we are here for you.
— Midwives Rising! Phoenix, Arizona


Shell Walker Luttrell

Shell is a midwife with over 25 years experience in women's health and alternative health modalities. She has experience managing birth in home, hospital, birth center and low-resource settings. 

Shell has trained and apprenticed with physicians, community nurses, medical specialists, herbalist, shamans and healers of every kind. This has helped her to develop what she refers to as a practice of "centric midwifery".

Centric midwifery is a form of integrative-healthcare that not only draws upon various medical/healing modalities but is also flexible to how that care is issued. For example, if western medicine is needed to best manage an emergency, it can be applied in a way that honors the whole-person or system rather than just the presenting issue. 

Founder of Midwives Rising!, The Phoenix Birth Center, The Phoenix Birth Foundation and Eats on Feets, she is a philomath, poet and researcher. 

She is also an Advanced Life Saving Obstetrics provider and has achieved the MBC to meet International Midwifery Standards.

Shell is the clinical director for Midwives Rising! and oversees our policies and procedures. She also makes sure that our space is magical, shiny and bright. 

Read more at: Shellluttrell.com

Wise woman care is responsive to the woman, the moment and to the provider. It means that we integrate our midwifery practice into our real, honest-to-goodness lives, the midwive’s lives and the mother’s lives.

It could be that we play hooky from clinic and instead take everybody out for pho. It may mean that we have prenatals in the park or that we turn the office into a dance party. It could mean that a normally scheduled 45 minute appointment turns into a 3 hr appointment.

Depending on our mood, the needs of our community or the weather, we may take a field trip to a special site in Arizona. We have even taken some of our moms to New York City and others to a private beach house in Cabo San Lucas! (Building sandcastles is therapeutic, have no doubt)

The point is this- solid and responsible clinical care doesn’t need to be stiff, cold and boring and certainly shouldn’t follow a playbook. It is organic, experienced and flexible.
— Midwives Rising! Phoenix, Arizona
Providing comprehensive clinical care means that we are invested in the health of women and babies and that we take our job seriously.
— Midwives Rising! Phoenix, Arizona

If you would like to learn more about us and our midwifery practice, you can read our FAQ page. If you would like to sit down with us in person, please message the midwives and we will be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation for you.