If you want to work with us, we want to work with you! We have many options available to meet all budgets and needs. 

How much does it cost?

$500 - $8,500 Depending on the package, start of care and form of payment.

Your midwife fee will depend on the package that you select and on your insurance coverage. The exact cost and payment schedule will be thoroughly explained after we have received your Verification of Benefits. 

Forms of acceptable payment

We accept Cash, check, credit card, health savings account, check, credit card and insurance (when available) for payment. 

PRIVATE Insurance

We can work with most insurance companies on an Out-of-Network basis. Payment plans are available for the deductible and out of pocket costs. These fees are usually due by the 35th week of pregnancy. 

AHCCCS State Provided Insurance

We can accept AHCCCS payment through certain plans. If you have AHCCCS and would like to hire us, our biller will will help you to navigate the process. There is a small supply and class fee which can be arranged into a payment plan or exchanged for barter. 


We accept cash payments and the total fees of your selected package will be arranged in a payment plan. The balance is typically due by the 35th week of pregnancy. 

Free Birth Care

In partnership with The Phoenix Birth Foundation, we offer FREE* birth care to indigenous women who have tribal affiliation. 

Complementary Services

In partnership with The Phoenix Birth Foundation, all of our Women of Color clients receive FREE* additional luxury and stress-reducing services such as; massage, body treatments, chiropractic care, acupuncture, sound guided meditation, laughter yoga, hair styling and more...


We have several packages that offer discounted rates. These will be explained to you during your private consultation. 


We are participating in a study that will collect and publish the birth and breastfeeding outcomes of families who have unlimited access to, and make use of, Integrative Health Services (Chiro, massage, body treatments, meditation, counseling, yoga, education, etc...). Discounts for birth fees are available to participants in this program.

* Insurance may be billed if available. If insurance is not available, the client still receives the services for free.

To learn more, schedule some time to sit down and talk to us.