What if something happens?
If something happens that cannot be handled outside of the hospital, or, more likely, if something is developing that COULD turn into a complication best handled in the hospital, then we all go to the hospital.

Once mom has been admitted to a room, we will stay by her side to support her and her family for as long as she needs or as long as she would like. We do everything we can to make the process as smooth and respectful as is possible. 

What if I registered for a brith center birth and change my mind and want a home birth? 
Our home birth schedule fills up rather quickly, we usually cannot accommodate changes to home birth. 

What if I registered for a home birth and change my mind and want a birth center birth? 
In most circumstances we can accommodate this change. 

What if I change my mind and want a hospital birth? 
In that case, we will make your records available to you and will offer our doula services to you.

Who can I bring to my appointments with me? 
Anyone that you would like. 

This is my first baby and I feel like I don't even know where to start. Where do I start?!
Don't worry, we will guide you through the entire process.

How many people can I bring to the birth? 
Usually as many as you want. Our guess is that the most extra visitors that we can keep comfortable is about 5. But... our porch is pretty big: )

Can I bring my children to the birth? 
You know best on this one! Of course it is best that they have an adult to look after them. If you don't have one, with advanced notice, we can find a babysitter for you. 

How long can we stay at the center after the birth? 
Depending on your insurance, you can usually stay up to 2 calendar days after you were first admitted. 

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