Che Phifer

Midwives Rising! is proud to have Che on the team! Che was one of two awardees to obtain a scholarship for midwifery training from The Phoenix Birth Foundation.


Che profile.png

Hello my name is Che Phifer. I am a wife and mother of three grown boys. I've worked in emergency services for over 17 years helping to serve and care for people in many communities and from all walks of life. As long as I can remember, I've felt a tugging in my soul to become a midwife. While I've been around home birth my whole life, I officially started my first steps into the world of midwifery last year by taking doula training. I am thrilled to have been accepted into The Phoenix Birth Foundation's midwifery training program. I believe that women supporting women, holding space for them while they are in their power, or helping them find their power through the birth process, is a humbling beautiful journey to be a part of.


Families working with Che may select one additional and complimentary (free) service. 

  • Belly cast

  • Comfort measures class

  • Placenta encapsulation

  • One baby-prep home visit

Presently, we offer package fee discount for those who are not able to pay our normal fee.  Clients will have a midwifery student assigned to them and the student will be under the direct supervision of a qualified midwife. In essence, the client receives the attention of two devoted and dedicated providers!

* Private Insurance will be billed if available
* Geographic restrictions may apply
* Schedule may be limited

If you would like to work with student midwife Che Phifer, let us know and we will make that happen for you!