EVENTS (non clinical)

  • Chrissy handles the scheduling of non-clinical events.
  • Events must have an opener and a closer assigned to them PRIOR to being put on the calendar. 
  • For events, leaders should follow Opening and Closing guidelines for birth and clinic days.
  • Event to be hosted on the midwives rising website where it will automatically post to the midwives rising facebook page. It should be shared from there. 
    • On the Midwives Rising website, make the date the first line in the description. 
  • Submit events online sites that accept event listings, such as:


Creating an Event on the Midwives Rising Website: 







Place: The Phoenix Birth Center

Host: Midwives Rising! (link the words to the website)


Register: send email to:



Under the option tab-

Put the date on first line in "Excerpt" so that the event date shows up on social network posts. ex:

Nov. 1st, Saturday, 2017
3:00 AM
Diaper Class
At The Phoenix Birth Center
Hosted by Midwives Rising
Instructor: Beyonce

Using the “Duplicate” button can be used for repeating events. 

Ongoing events like 4th trimester, tacos, pizza, birth class, pregnancy health class, breastfeeding class, postpartum class, chiropractic days, etc... Those can be made and posted for the next date and THEN, scheduled to automatically repost for their next date. Use the "duplicate" button for this. Change the date that its happening, schedule it to post a few days prior to it happening. 

If you need help with that, I can show you how. 

Doing a google search of “Squarespace + whatever you’re trying to figure” out usually works for finding answers on how squarespace works. 

Post at the bottom of event:


Midwife care encompasses all aspects of family and community health.

While our primary focus and scope of practice is pregnant women, Midwives Rising! is committed to offering a wide array birth and wellness care options to the community of Phoenix, Arizona. 

One of the ways that we do this is by hosting classes, events and trainings throughout the year. 

If you are interested in home birth, birth center birth or are interested in presenting and event or class that supports health, well being and unity, let us know.


Hyperlink the “let us know” to the email address.