When to Contact Us

Call Right Away If You Have Any of the Following Symptoms

Cell: 602-513-9794

Signs of Concern: 

  •  Bright red vaginal bleeding
  •  Muscular convulsions 
  •  Unrelenting abdominal pain or strong cramps
  •  Stabbing shoulder pain not related to obvious injury
  •  Severe headaches w/ dizziness and/or visual disturbance
  • Sudden swelling of face and/or hands
  • Severe vomiting or nausea lasting more that 18hrs
  • Excessive diarrhea that last longer than 24 hrs
  • Fever above 100 with chills
  • Fever above 100 lasting longer than 24 hrs
  • Pain/burning with urination or inability to urinate
  • Lessened movement of the baby during baby's normal active times.
    • Guzzle a large glass of iced juice,
    • lay down for 30-40 minutes,
    • rub belly and talk to baby.
    • If baby does not move or respond within 40 minutes, call us.
  • More than 6 contractions in one hour, prior to 36 wks that are rhythmic and do not lessen with change of activity or hydration.
    • Drink a large glass of hydration drink,
    • take an epson salt bath,
    • if active, lie down.
    • If resting, walk around.
  • GUSH of fluid from the vagina prior 36 weeks of pregnancy
  • Deep pressure in the pelvis
  • Anything that feels threatening or suspicious

Signs of Labor:

  •  Water coming from the vagina. This can be a sudden gush or a small trickle (not to be confused with heavy discharge of late pregnancy).
  • Blood tinged mucous discharge with more than 6 contractions in ½ hour.
  • Regular uterine contractions that are becoming stronger, longer, and more frequent, that do not slow or lessen with change of activity.
  • 12 contractions in 1 hour, each lasting 1 minute long.
  •  Sudden or deepening pressure in the vagina

If you cannot reach us call 911 or go to the emergency room.

(This has never, ever, happened~ but, you know, safety: )



Contact and Connection

Midwives Rising!
531 E. Lynwood st Phoenix, AZ 85004

Office Hours

Clinical and Emotional Needs:
Matters that concern your wellbeing


This includes all holidays, sick days, family days, personal days and date nights. We are here for you.

For non-clinical needs:
Matters concerning appointments, shopping advice, billing, etc..

Tuesday - Thursday from 9am-3pm,

Email, Text, Chat:  

Feel free to email, text, or IM us at any time.

  • If you have an urgent need of a clinical nature and we do not answer your call within 15 minutes, please keep trying, do not just leave a message. We may just be in the shower or otherwise temporarily occupied.
  • Keep in mind that R.E.M (deep sleep) generally lasts for about 15-20 minutes and it can be very hard to wake someone from R.E.M. If we do not answer right away and your need is of a clinical nature, please keep trying.
  • We try very hard to answer ALL of your questions and needs as they arise, however there may be times when we are busy attending to a mom or baby. Please give us 48 hrs to respond to non-clinical issues.   
  • We are on the Facebook but it is not the best place to contact us for clinical conversations. If you have a clinical need please contact us via phone call or text.
  • Be aware that your information may not be fully protected when communication via text. If you want your information fully protected, do not send clinical information via text. 


Class Schedule

The first 4 Tuesdays of every month 6:30-8 PM

The first Tuesday of the month- Heath in Pregnancy and Birth

The second Tuesday of the month- Birth

The third Tuesday of the month- Postpartum and newborn care

The fourth Tuesday of the month- Breastfeeding

“Journey to Birth” series. 4 weeks- Is not required but highly recommended. 

Please come to class and please remember that according to your contract, we reserve the right to charge you up to $250 for not attending classes. They are that important. 

Cost: General Public: $250 for all four

Midwives Rising Family: By Donation





Pregnancy Risk Hotline
Poison exposure during pregnancy 

Poison Control

Domestic Violence
Legal Advocacy        

Arizona Pregnancy Hotline
General Pregnancy Assistance

Hyperemesis Hotline
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Arizona Food Banks
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602-542-1886-Now offers fresh foods & farmers market vouchers

Farmer’s Market Program
Vouchers to use at farmers markets

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La Leche League
Community based breastfeeding support                 

Donor Breastmilk


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West Coast Ultrasound School:

Genetic Counseling and Screening
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Chiropractic Care

Dr Timmie holds chiropractic clinic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the center

Dr. Timmie    

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Birth Kit

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Basic Outline for a Healthy Pregnancy

This basic outline has been put together after many years of research with the intent of reducing or minimizing common pregnancy discomforts and health considerations. 

Working with expecting mothers is a delicate process. On one hand, we don't want women leaving prenatal appointments feeling as if they are “failing” or that she is being judged and graded. On the other hand, we wouldn't want her to face a complication in pregnancy or birth and find herself wishing that someone would have told her that there are things that could have been done to lessen the effects of or to fully avoid the difficulty that they have found themselves in. 

With all of the advances in technology and medicine, there is still much about pregnancy and birth that is not understood. Much of the process and the challenges remain a mystery. Why is it that one women would do everything exactly right and yet face a complication while another one seemingly does all the wrong things and yet breezes through pregnancy and birth? We don't know the answer to that. But we do know that if a woman experiences challenges in pregnancy or birth that the stronger and healthier she is, the less she will experience negative outcomes. 

Why does the U.S lead the world in autism rates? Why are juvenile diabetes rates soaring? Why do our children have, sometimes debilitating, so many allergies? The answer is not clear but wouldn't be quackery to assume that there is something in our environment and/or our diet that is contributing to our children’s poor health. Therefore, this list contains as many, if not more, “Don’ts” than it does “Do’s”. 

This list gives women basics for avoiding or reducing the effects of most common complications of pregnancy; anemia, gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension, infections, long labors, painful labors, preterm labor (before 37 weeks) post-term labor (after 42 weeks) fetal positioning, premature rupture of the membranes, tearing of the perineum and excessive bleeding in labor. 

To keep this list simple, I have not included citations or many rationals for the entries. Pregnancy health should be approached from a holistic perspective, there is not “one cure all” for any aspect of pregnancy and birth health. Just know that there is a very good reason for every single entry that you will find in this outline. My hope is that you can use this basic outline without being overwhelmed with too much information or that it inspires you to do your own research and gather even more information. Either way, the choice is yours. 

In the midwife spirit,