Set Up:

  • Put their name on the "Tour Card" and place in card holder on tray of front birth room. 
    • This card will direct them to the info page, where they will find a link to the VOB as well as all of the other information that used to be printed out and put in the folder. 
  • Day before~ call or email to confirm tour date and time (trust me, do it. I have been stood up about 4 times already). You could ask Chrissy or Willow to do this.
  • Day of~ text to make sure they know to come to the Lynwood address and NOT the McDowell address. You could ask Chrissy to do this at the beginning of the day- Check for tours, text to confirm WITH our address. 
  • Print or review the tour request sheet so that you have their info and know who you are talking to
  • Have client handouts/give aways together
  • Qeue up client preferred music 
  • Setup or arrange outdoor furniture
  • Pick up any trash outside- sidewalk in front of front wall, yard, parameter, parking lot 
  • Set candles on outside porch tables
  • Turn porch lights on
  • Cut coffee bean log in half and set both fires (Sept-May)
  • Make tea and put tea and snack on service tray
  • Make sure that every single light and salt lamp is on~ Including lamps sitting in fireplace
  • Fill and turn on aromatherapy diffusers 
  • Make sure candy bowls are filled 
  • Make sure place is tidy and all garbage cans are emptied

When tours arrive:

  • Greet them by name, welcome them to The Phoenix Birth Center
  • Give physical tour
  • Give them their TOUR CARD from the tray in the birth room.
  • Offer drink or snack before sitting down. 
  • Sit down, give folder, answer basic questions. 
  • If tour seems like a GREAT candidate for the center, offer to take them outside to finish the conversation next to the fire (weather permitting, of course)

After Client Leaves

  • Make notes on tour request sheet and put in COMPLETED TOURS folder.
  • Send "thank you letter".
    • Create "thank you letter" protocol

Here is a sample letter to follow. Font is Lucinda Hand and Century Gothic. 

Next Steps:


Registration Appointment

Initial Clinical Appointment