Lodge of Lozen

The Lodge of Lozen has been established to honor the original mothers of these lands and the powerful legacy of Lozen.

Lozen was a fierce Chiricahua Apache warrior who is sometimes considered to be a midwife due to her leadership of women and because she is known to have delivered at least one baby while in the midst of battle. She is legendary for her bravery, strength and intelligence. 

In honor of Lozen's history in Arizona, The Phoenix Birth Foundation, in partnership with The Phoenix Birth Center offers no-out-of-pocket-costs maternity care services to tribally affiliated Arizona Indigenous Women who are registered for maternity services with The Phoenix Birth Center.

Care is provided in keeping with the Midwife Model of Care and includes access to medical referral when needed.

Women with tribal affiliation already have free access to healthcare and often times to midwife provided maternity care. A few of these facilities, through Indian Health Services, offer exemplary maternity care services. But very frequently, this is not the case. 

Types of services may also be limited. In most states, women covered by Indian Health Services will not have access to home birth options. 

In many cases their healthcare plan will actively seek to bar access to services which in the market place would be considered out-of-network services. 

While federal courts agreed that people with tribal affiliation have the right to free healthcare, only in a few limited places is that care issued with cultural sensitivity. Even fewer centers are able to provide access to traditional or alternative healthcare models. This creates unjust barriers.

It is our belief that it is necessary to remove these barriers. People who are covered under Indian Health Services should have free access to whatever healthcare services they desire.

If you are an expectant mom who is already covered by Indian Health Services and would like more information about this program, please click the contact button and request a tour/consult.