Building inner health is very important to our overall health. 

A few of the ways that we can create inner health is to:

  1. Remember that we are loved.  Allow ourselves to be loved.  Be thankful for the love that we have.  If being loved is new to us, pregnancy can open the door.  Your baby loves you exactly the way that you are. Take that last part in. Your baby LOVES you, just the way you are.
  2. Take note of nature:  A few minutes in the out-of-doors, observing the sights and sounds, can have amazing health benefits. 
  3. Positive communication:  Try to speak in terms of the positive instead of the negative.  Notice how many times you say don’t, no, can’t, and won’t.  Instead of saying, “Don’t forget to go by the store,” try, “Remember to go by the store, please.”  Instead of saying, “I can’t change my diet,” try, “I can change a part of my diet.”  Instead of saying, “No, you can’t have any candy,” try, “I would rather you had an apple with peanut butter.”