• Take all boxes and big items to the alley.
  • Do not place or leave any bags, boxes or big items in the back yard.
  • Its okay to put large bags in small containers or small bags in large containers. Garbage should never be left here over night anyways, so having a large bag isn't super important. 
  • Only put "dry" garbage in the tiny cans.
  • Do not leave bags of garbage next to the inside garbage cans. I know we all do this at home, but this is not a home. We are a licensed facility and cannot leave bags of garbage out like that. If you have a bag of garbage, take it all the way to the alley. 
  • When taking garbage bags out of receptacles, check to see that there are still bags in the bottom of the receptacles. If there isn't or if there is just one, restock.


  • Needlepoints, razors, scalpels and glass breaktop vials- go in sharps containers. Nothing else. 
  • Syringes, speculums, needle holders, vials, tubes, tubing, bloody or contaminated bandages and wipes go in the large biohazard tub.