Financial Information

Billing Contact Info:
Fax: 1-623-374-4592 (the 1 is required in front)

Cash Pay

The cash fee includes prenatal, birth and postpartum care and basic birth supplies and covers both home and birth center births.

As an added benefit, we have formed relationships with various providers so as to offer our cash pay clients significant discounts for classes, lab work, ultrasound, non stress tests and wellness treatments such as chiropractic, massage and acupuncture. 

The cash fee is structured into a payment plan with the balance being paid on or around the 35th week of pregnancy. 

Private Insurance Pay

If you have insurance, be sure to fill out the VOB form. (the password is babylove)

Once we have have the results of your benefits, we will be able to give you an accurate quote for the insurance program.

We bill insurance on an out-of-network basis.

The fees that you will be charged are based on your coverage, co-pays, patient responsibilities and deductibles. Deductibles need to be met for both the mother and the baby.

Billing Insurance for services:
While we can only accept direct payment from PPO plans (plans that DO allow you to see providers who are out of their network), in most cases we can get you a price that will be comparable to what you would pay if using an HMO plan (a plan that only allows you to see providers that are in their network). So don't that scare you! Fill out the Verification of Benefits form- VOB (the password is love) to find out.

As an out-of-network provider we have no way of knowing what your insurance provider will pay us for the services that you receive from us. We, therefore, bill “max allowable”. This means that sometimes we will be paid well above normal fees and sometimes we will not be paid at all. 

In all methods of payments, the most you would ever be responsible for paying out of you personal pocket is $5,500 for your basic care.  This fee may or may not cover medications, ultrasounds, chiropractic care or other services. If you have insurance, chances are that your fee will be much lower than $5,500. But we need to run your VOB (the password is babylove) to find our for sure.

A fee of 10% is added to all credit card transactions.

AHCCCS, State Provided Insurance

The Phoenix Birth Center is able to accept a limited number of AHCCCS clients per month. In most cases there will be an additional facility fee of $1,500. 

Payment Plans

All of the payment options are scheduled into easy payment plans that coincide with prenatal appointments. In most cases, the balance on the account is due by the 35th week of pregnancy.

Financial Hardship

You may qualify for a hardship scholarship through The Phoenix Birth Foundation. If you do not have state provided AHCCCS insurance, private insurance and cannot afford the $5,500 cash fee, please speak with us and we will see what we can do to help you. Scholarships are limited and issued on a first come, first served, basis.


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