Thermography Scan


By appointment only

The Phoenix Birth Center

Midwives Rising!

Text Shell at 602-242-4446 to schedule your spot

$156-First Breast Scan

$120- Follow up Breast Scan

$236- Half Body (upper or lower)

$236-Full Body

Beautiful, right? 

All the green color is healthy tissue! The red, hot, areas are where we would expect them to be. The report indicates that my breast tissue is younger than expected for my age!

Breast cancer is rampant in my maternal family. A few have died very early, one was in her 30's and another was the age that I am now. We don't have any of the known breast cancer genes. 

Having the thermography done was such a huge relief for me that I have decided to sponsor a thermography day and instead of taking the typical 20% sponsor fee, I'm going to waive the fee so that those who are interested can get a scan done at the best price possible. 

Text Shell at 602-242-4446 to schedule your spot, it is filling up quickly, only three spots left as of June 9th.

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