Nine Steps to Ensure Positive Communication

1. Smile at strangers . . . it costs nothing and can add a lot to your and their day.

2. Refuse to get involved in 'my story is worse than yours' contests . . . after all, who cares anyway?

3. We were given two ears and one mouth . . . learn to listen twice as much as you speak. You'll be considered a great conversationalist!

4. Be in the moment . . . keep your mind where your body is.

5. Communicate acceptance with your eyes . . . keep your eyes on your conversation partner. Let them know you are involved with their words.

6. Speak with a smile . . . open yourself to the conversation.

7. Say please and thank you to every soul you meet . . . gratitude begets appreciation. Appreciated people feel happier.

8. Bad moods can be contagious . . . deal with your mood before conversing.

9. Be ready to laugh. Laugh loudly, laugh often . . . on average, adults average 12 laughs a day and children laugh over 400 times a day.